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Jakob Emdal, Jonas Kasper Jensen
08.06.2018 to 22.07.2018


Thursday, 7.06.2018 - 7:00 pm

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basis e.V. Gutleutstraße 8-12 60329 Frankfurt am Main

We very much look forward to welcoming Jakob Emdal and Jonas Kasper Jensen, in Frankfurt  for their exhibition Perspicuus, running from 8 June to 22 July 2018. The joint exhibition Perspicuus by Jakob Emdal and Jonas Kaspar presents new works specially developed for the exhibition that are the outcome of a close collaboration between the two Danish artists.

By means of photography, installation, sound and painting, the exhibition focuses in particular on the constantly evolving development of different forms of the image in the context of technological progress and historical changes. In their conceptual work, they deal with the structures of net-based image production and reception, as well as with the construction and representation of algorithmic processes, using their many-faceted artworks to link the physical and the digital world.

With the title Perspicuus (lat. translucent, clear), Emdal and Jensen refer in their artistic motif to the structures that lie beneath the surface of images or our visible environment, making them tangible through an artistic approach. By doing so, the conceptuality of the image within the context of the exhibition is employed with the general idea of making both culture-historical shifts in meaning and digital structures perceptible.

Jakob Emdal focuses on the image as a historical document, or as a symbol of a particular culture and our reception of it today. With his photography series, Emdal addresses questions concerning the effects of time on the meaning and perception of pictorial representations or the photographic staging itself as a trigger for a judgement of value and for a particular reception to what is portrayed.

While Jakob Emdal directs his view from the changing pictorial meaning and receptivity in the context of found images or documentary photographs to historical and current cultural aspects, Jonas Kasper Jensen is more concerned with a pictorial representation of future cultural developments that lie outside visual perception. His work relates to current predictions regarding the development a new economic technology called Plasma, which he then translates into a multimedia installation using sound, installation and painting. Jensen approaches this aspect through the visual transfer of this technology into the exhibition space and herewith convert a still unclear future reality in which the effects thereof cannot yet be determined in a new form of imagery.

Photographs of culture-historical artefacts, contemporary image production and a visual expression of future developments meet in the exhibition of the two artists. They show an artistic approach to the natre and characteristics of images,

the reception and meaning of which is shifting or has yet to be made accessible. Through these artistic translations, multi-layered artworks are created that make tangible the abstract digital networks of our time with a new visual quality.


Perspicuus is a project by Jakob Emdal and Jonas Kasper Jensen
Curated by Christin Müller

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