06.09.2024 to 10.11.2024
Ana Raquel Machava

opferblech Guided Tours

THu, 18.07. - 6pm*

*Curator-led tour with Carlotta Döhn

Now Available: We Can Be Heroes

released in line with the exhibition We Can Be Heroes at basis e.V.

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history of the building

Gutleutstraße 8-12

Declaration of the Many

For diversity and pluralism

Toni Schmale - opferblech

May 17, 2024 to July 21, 2024

HAP - Hessisches Atelierprogramm

Congratulations to our HAP artists:

HAP across-hesse 2024-2026:
Joey Arand, X Breidenbach, Laura Hicks, KARWATH+TODISKO, Raphaël Languillat

HAP Studio-Program 2023–2027:
Yun Heo, Nadia Perlov, Alex Thake, Sonja Yakovleva

HAP across-hesse 2023–2025:
Romina Abate, Nicole Ahland, Ateliergemeinschaft Grüner Weg 40, Philipp Benkert, Christine Biehler, Monika Bodenmüller, Karsten Bott,  Patrick David Brockmann, Max Brück, Andreas Diefenbach, Janosch Feiertag & Sarah Metz, Verena Freyschmidt, Tanja Jürgensen, Katrin Leitner-Peter, Carolin Liebl & Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler, Paula Mierzowsky, Paul Pape, Charlotte Rahn, RHO Kollektiv, Moritz Schneidewendt

HAP Studio-Program 2021–2025:
James Gregory Atkinson, Živa Drvarič, Shaun Motsi, Lukas Müller, Ivan Murzin, Dennis Siering, Joana Tischkau, Franziska Wildt

basis Feature: directly from basis Studios and our Residency Network

How do cultural workers and institutions deal with the current situation? Here you will find insights into current projects, ideas and working conditions of artists from our studios! You can also learn more about the perspectives of our partner organisations around the globe.


news: Residencies

AIR_Frankfurt / AIR_Offenbach

Congratulations to the new scholars:
Antone Liu (Helsinki)
Gözde Ju (Bangalore)
Line Lyhne (Kuala Lumpur)
Augustine Paredes (Seoul)

at basis in Frankfurt:
Merav Kamel und Halil Balabin (Tel Aviv)
Hye Kyoung Kwon (Seoul)


Award for BSMF and KEG

"Part of" in Praunheim

the art and music series "part of" is supported by