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2 X 3 (X 4) is a new exhibition format in public space. 4 times a year the 2 by 3 meter space on the façade of Gutleutstrasse 8–12 is to be made use of by designers and illustrators. The classical poster-space medium will be reinterpreted and offer room for experimentation.

Nadine Kolodziey is a visual artist and illustrator based in Frankfurt and Berlin. She works at the intersection of digital and analog with the goal of creating visual experiences rather than images. Her work is digital, handcut, melted or sometimes made into a walkable environment. Graduated as Master of art and design at HfG Offenbach, Kolodzieys work is dedicated to the field of visual research. Materials such as plastic and pixels are combined to create work that invites the community to participate and engage with it.
Kolodziey worked for clients like Google, Youtube, Page and die Zeit. 2017 Wallpaper magazine selected her as one of the graduates of the year. Since May 2018 she is a creative resident for Adobe Systems in Germany, following her experimental project The undrawn drawing inviting the community to explore and push boundaries of what we know as drawing.


Jan Buchczik is a free illustrator living in Frankfurt.

Tobias Freidberg and Paale Lüdcke are building the designstudio Aoki & Matsumoto which is based in Frankfurt.

After spending the last four years in Amsterdam and The Hague, Sebastian Pataki or Mr. Pataki has just returned to his hometown of Frankfurt am Main. The self-described bricoleur is mostly on the lookout for ways, of blurring the boundaries of the graphic design genre even more. He firmly believes a creative approach works across different media, and may lead – due to what might seem to us as dilettantism – to unexpected results. Next to the bricolage of (pop-cultural) myths, texts and images, experimentation and systems thinking are two other main pillars of his creative work.

Timo Lenzen, a graphic designer born in Frankfurt am Main, was the first to use the space. He is active in both the pure and applied arts. Typically he explores the implementation of a wide range of media and their possible combinations, from classical poster design, 3D animation and the building of constructive spaces, back to the flatness of paper.

the project is curated by Adrian Nießler and Catrin Altenbrandt (