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Corona: current offers of help for cultural workers


Corona: current offers of help for cultural workers

The current situation is an enormous burden, especially for artists and creative people. Therefore we would like to inform you about the current aid packages from the federal government, the state of Hesse and other institutions.

NEW: Brückenstipendium Hessische Kulturstiftung
The new bursary programme of the Kulturpaket II for artists in Hessen "Perspektiven öffnen, Vielfalt sichern"! has been launched.
The Hessische Kulturstiftung awards bridge scholarships of 2500 euros on behalf of the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts.

More information on the programme and the application:


November Aid 2020

latest state of the art:
Summary of the "Novemberhilfen" by the Bundesverband Freie Dartstellende Künste:

further information can be found under the following links:
"Application :
Applications can be submitted in the next few weeks via the nationwide IT platform of the bridging assistance (antragslogin.uebrü The electronic application must be submitted by a tax consultant, auditor, certified accountant or tax consulting lawyer.
Solo self-employed persons are directly entitled to apply for funding up to a maximum of 5,000 euros, subject to special identification requirements, provided they have not yet submitted an application for bridging assistance.
As a prerequisite they need an ELSTER certificate. Information on creating a user account for ELSTER and on the certificate file can be found on the ELSTER portal.
The application for November aid is independent of the bridging grant".

general information:

the first further information on the so-called November aid was published:

With the November aid, grants per week of closures amounting to 75 percent of the average weekly turnover in November 2019 will be awarded up to a maximum of € 1 million, provided that the existing scope for aid under the EU state aid rules allows it (EU small aid scheme). As an alternative to the weekly turnover in November 2019, solo self-employed persons may use the average weekly turnover in 2019 as a basis for comparison. For beneficiaries who started their business after 31 October 2019, the average weekly turnover in October 2020 or the average weekly turnover since start-up can be chosen as a reference turnover.

Applications can be submitted in the coming weeks via the nationwide IT platform of the bridging assistance (

Solo self-employed persons who do not apply for funding of more than 5,000 euros are not required to submit their applications via an auditing third party. They will be directly eligible to apply under special identification requirements.


Hardship and emergency fund for artists from the Frankfurt Office of Culture

- from last Wednesday, 4.11. onwards, it will be possible to submit confirmatory applications, i.e. artists who have already received support from the hardship and emergency fund can submit a new application
- applications for the funds available this year can be submitted until 30.11.
- the maximum amount of funding per applicant is now determined according to the number of applications received by 30 November; applicants are therefore advised to indicate the actual costs of a project and not a lump sum of 1,000 €, as is often the case
- for non-repayable grants, the following documents must be submitted as before in the context of project funding: an informal letter of application, proof of full-time artistic activity, proof of residence or place of work in Frankfurt am Main, address and bank details (and ideally a telephone number for queries), a project description and a cost plan (in the case of other third-party funding sources, a CFP)
- applications will be examined between the beginning and the middle of December  
- the hardship and emergency fund is likely to be continued in the coming year at a reduced level

Further information on the application:



This week the German government launched a 50 billion euro emergency aid programme for small businesses.


With an emergency aid program, Hessen is supporting small businesses with up to 50 employees, self-employed persons, freelancers and artists who have been forced into a situation threatening their existence by the corona virus pandemic or a liquidity bottleneck has occurred. The Hessian Minister of Economics and the Hessian Minister of Finance have clearly stated that grants can be awarded not only to companies, but also to solo self-employed persons and artists, which do not have to be paid back (link). Further contacts for advice and assistance are the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Trade in Wiesbaden, Kassel and Frankfurt. Only there you can get the information you need. Corresponding applications for emergency aid can be submitted online to the Kassel Regional Council from Monday, 30 March. You can find further information here.

Hessische Kulturstiftung - Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen
Reopening Hesse culturally

endowment programme
“Reopening Hesse culturally” is the name of the programme of the State of Hesse with a funding volume of about € 50 million. It enables a new start for artists, cultural workers and cultural venues that have been affected by the pandemic by closures, redundancies and job losses, while at the same time providing targeted support for innovative approaches to art and cultural education. The programme consists of three components:
1. immediate help - festivals and venues
2. mastering the transition - work scholarships
3.1 Innovative reopening - project grants
3.2 Innovative reopening - festivals and venues
Further information can be found on their website.

City of Frankfurt

Ina Hartwig, Head of the Department of Culture, sets up a supplementary emergency fund for cultural workers in Frankfurt. Here you can find information on advance payments and applications.

Künstlersozialkasse (KSK)
The KSK offers various measures for insured persons such as payment facilities / deferment of payment or adjusting the estimated annual income. The measures for companies subject to the levy include the extension of the deadline for submitting the report on chargeable payments for 2019, payment facilities and the reduction of the monthly advance payment. Further information about the applications can be found here.

Short-time work
The website of the Federal Employment Agency provides information on the current regulations on short-time work. This applies to self-employed persons who employ staff.

Berufsverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler
The BBK advises: Record all fee losses as well as special charges due to cancellations. You can find the BBK documentation help here. A collection of possible income losses can be found here.
Further information can be found on their website.

VG Bild-Kunst
In the next few days, Bild-Kunst will be making a special distribution of EUR 11 million to over 30,000 members of BG I and II. Further information here.

Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen (WIBank) offers various development loans on behalf of the state. An overview of the development loans and guarantees can be found at
the Corona side of the WIBank.

Tax aid measures
Deferral of tax payments and adjustment of advance payments are part of the tax relief measures for all companies affected by the Corona pandemic. More information here.

Basic provision
Any person in need of help who has too little or no means to support himself (and his own family) can apply for basic income support. Current information can be found here.